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Cancellation Policy

Cancellation &Policy

Please Review Our Cancellation Policy :

Helotism Holidays Pvt Ltd realizes that most people who cancel their reservations do So out of necessity. Nevertheless, cancellations are costly to administer And involve dedicated staff time and communications costs. Therefore, all.

1. Less than 90 days but more than 15 days: 30% of the total package price.

2. Less than 15 days but more than 07 days: 50% of the total package price.

3. Less than 07 days : No refund.

If you need to cancel your reservation, please send us a mail at and contact a Helotism Holidays Pvt Ltd customer Service representative.

To receive any refund, if applicable, that may be Due will be processed within 35 days after our receipt of your written Notice of cancellation

Traveller Substitutions Are Considered Reservation Cancellations And Are Subject To Cancellation Fees.